National Renewable Energy Platform (NREP)

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Renewable Energy Conference 2023 & EXPO

The National Renewable Energy Platform (NREP) Background

Uganda’s energy sector has made significant strides at ensuring sustainable development and transformation of the economy. Renewable energy is key to unlocking this economic transformation, with more than 87% of the electricity generated from resources such as hydro power, solar and biomass, and 90%of cooking energy demand contributed by solid biomass.

Our Promise


To be the Leading Platform for Sustainably developing and utilizing RE resources, services and products in Uganda.


To boost national collective action, harmonization, and subsidiarity for sustainable and competitive development of Uganda's energy resources.


To bring together stakeholders in the RE sector to generate, share and promote knowledge dissemination, enhance innovations in RE to solve common challenges and harness opportunities in the energy arena.



NREP is made up of six key stakeholder groups: Government through Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs); Development Partners; Private Sector and Civil Societies; Academia, Research for development and communities of practice; Finance Institutions; and Consumer Organizations.

Thematic Areas
  • Technology Development and Deployment-TIDD
  • Training, Research & Com. of Practice C-R4D
  • Policy, Planning, Standards, Quality, Institutions and Markets-PPSQIM
  • Access to finance - RE-Finance
  • Information and Knowledge Hub-RE- KHub

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

SDG7 Targets

Our Partners

Remembering the #Heroes of our past this #LiberationDay πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬. Our journey towards sustainable energy is a tribute to their legacy. Let's honor freedom with green πŸ’š solutions.

#LinerationDay #RenewableEnergy #Uganda

Season's greetings! πŸŽ„ As we celebrate, let's embrace the spirit of renewal and sustainability. #MerryChristmas and a #SustainableNewYear from all of us at @Nrepuganda!
Let's make clean energy a resolution for an even brighter future. 🌟 #RenewableEnergy #CleanFuture

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