A significant section of the roadmap discusses renewable energy transition pathways for Uganda. It explores scenarios like the business-as-usual approach, and more progressive strategies aiming for high and complete reliance on renewable sources. These pathways consider future energy demands, potential renewable energy growth, and policy adjustments needed. Emphasis is placed on the necessity for investments, governmental support, and collaborative efforts to realize these objectives, which promise environmental, economic, and societal benefits for Uganda.

2023 UOMA Market Map

Explore the “2023 UOMA Market Map” to gain insights into Uganda’s renewable energy sector, its growth, and future potential. This report is pivotal for understanding the dynamic off-grid energy market in Uganda.

A Roadmap for Energy Access in Displacement Settings

Steered by GIZ and generously supported by the Norwegian Ministry, this roadmap outlines a strategic approach to energy access in displacement settings specific to Uganda. With valuable input from participants of the READS Uganda workshop, the document highlights the challenges and solutions for ensuring sustainable energy provisions in areas with displaced populations. Authored by Megan […]

Uganda Off-Grid Energy Market Accelerator: Market Map-2022

As Uganda, the region, and indeed the world at large grapple with the triple threat of conflict, climate change, and COVID-19, there’s a critical window of opportunity to accelerate off-grid energy to spur recovery at both household and business levels. The Government of Uganda remains unwavering in its commitment to increasing access to energy, aiming for Universal Access by 2030. Recent initiatives include a pilot tariff for industrial parks, a declining block tariff for domestic consumers, and the launch of a last-mile strategy targeting 60% grid access by 2030. Underpinning this strategy, the government has secured a funding facility of USD 638M to support both on-grid and off-grid energy solutions under the Energy Access Scale-up Project (EASP).